The first car rental system People to people

By using “Beferman” car rental website and application, you can access various cars in different cities

What is Befarman?

You can rent a car and earn money by using the ‘Befarman’ website and application.

High security

We are with you every moment, with technical checks of registered cars and GPS installation, we will be with you in case of problems.

Minimum time/maximum income

By renting a car online from Farman, you will have access to the car in a short time after validation, and you will have a much lower cost than buying a car or even an online taxi for the same period.

Vehicle variety

By renting a car, not only will you not need a lot of capital, but you will have access to a variety of cars depending on your needs

Easy, Cheap and Progressive

By using the latest technologies, you can easily find the car you need, book easily and you will have the best price available everywhere.

We talked about the advantages of the Befarman car rental application and the features of this application above. But here we want to briefly discuss what makes Befman different from other car rental services.

Befarman is a people to people car rental system. You can rent out your unused car and earn money.
Other car rental systems focus on luxury car rental, wedding and ceremonial car rental. Meanwhile, Ferman focuses on economy cars with the aim that everyone can use this possibility.
“Berman” has been operating in the car rental industry for more than four years, and now, fully familiar with the challenges of this industry, it offers the best solutions so that more people can benefit from car rental services with more confidence.

To rent a car, by referring to the car rental application or the Ferman website, you can view the available cars based on the city, compare their prices and conditions, choose the car you want and rent it to do what you want. , travel or shop. For the sake of the well-being of all our valued customers, Farman attracts cars with a life of less than 10 years so that you don’t have to worry about breakdowns or technical problems during your trip or doing other work. By renting economy cars that have valid annual insurance, Farman reduces the risk of possible problems for car owners and renters. In the Farman car rental application, you have access to a diverse list of cars, which will increase the number and variety of cars in the corners of Iran day by day by accessing the large container of 20 million city cars in the country. The work procedure and ordering a car rental from Farman is very simple and easy. One of the special advantages of renting a car from Ferman is that all cars are covered by domestic insurance. For this reason, there is a possibility that the amount of commitment of the lessee can be greatly reduced.

Befarman car rental application works on a person-to-person basis. The meaning of car rental from people to people is that people rent their cars through this application to other people who need a car. Farman has the possibility to rent a car all over Iran. Therefore, wherever you live in Iran, you can use this application and rent your car and earn money, or vice versa, you can rent a car in the area where you live. One of the attractions of renting a car from Farman is that you can easily travel between cities. Some drivers do not want to rent outside the city, which specifies these conditions in the application. This system is completely online and has special terms and conditions to control the quality of cars, you can refer to the terms and conditions page for more information.

The First People-to-People’s
Car Rental System

High Security

You can safely rent your car by authenticating and filtering customers and installing GPS on your car. The incidence rate of the problem is 0.1% and the rate of unresolved problems is zero.

Minimum time / Maximum income

Working by a car has the same income in comparison with renting a car, but it will take some time. You will have the same income per day by spending fifteen minutes on car delivery and fifteen minutes on refund.

Less depreciation / More revenue

On average, renting a car will have less depreciation than carrying the passengers. The average mileage per day is less than 200 km in renting car.

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